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Welcome to Inara Interiors!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

My world of Interior Design in Surrey. Hopefully giving you a few guides, Ideas and useful tips on creating your perfect home.

Hi, my name is Dawn, I live in Bisley and I'm a mother of 2 young children. I've been a professional interior designer for over 10 years working on lots of different projects including hotels, airport lounges, high end residential properties, listed buildings and so on. For the last few years during my early years of motherhood I've been freelancing for a high end interior design company in Bath and I've been in the process of renovating my own house. If you're interested in DIY then have a look at my other website and instagram account @design.with.dawn. I've become pretty handy on the tools!

I've recently started focussing on my company and working with private clients again after surviving the early years of motherhood (just about!) and I thought I'd share some of my knowledge to help people looking at interior design as an option for their project. Also, any aspiring interior designers, hopefully I can impart some of my wisdom from the last decade.

Dawn Allen interior designer in Surrey

What Interior Design Means to Me

If we've learnt anything from the last few years, it's that our homes are important for our mental well being. Some of us felt like prisoners and some of us felt like it was a holiday. It very much depended on your circumstances and your environment. We discovered how much gardens meant to us and how much just having that piece of our environment, inside and outside, could affect our energy. For me my home and garden is my sanctuary. It needs to calm and soothe me. Even though I love colour and very much enjoy designing with it, in my home for me, it would be overstimulating, especially as I work from home. If I could, I'd have my whole house like a spa! Interiors have the ability to evoke emotions and create atmosphere, through colour, texture and lighting. How we want to feel in our environment needs to reflect and balance us. And that might change depending on each stage of our lives. That's what an interior designer does. We listen to our clients and reflect their needs with our creative ability in their homes. We create environments for people that help them to function as their best selves. Whether that's through optimising the function and flow, making it more practical, or balancing their atmosphere to suit them. It's all about making their space work for them and feel at peace. It's also about making visually beautiful spaces!

Join me in my little Space on the Internet

I'd love to share case studies, tutorials, how to's and promotions for anyone that is interested in interior design. So if you'd like to be included then subscribe and I'll make sure you have exclusivity.

Thanks for reading!

Dawn xx

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