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What Interior Design Services do you Offer and What's Involved in the Design Process?

Interior designers have varying methods when it comes to their interior design approach, and this will depend on the type of projects they take on, size of their team and just what they prefer. As an interior designer that has been in the industry for over 10 years, this is how I work and I hope it gives a bit of clarity and a few examples of what's involved with each service. I don't have a big studio, I prefer to work from home and have a more personal approach to working with clients. The projects I take on around Surrey can vary from one off rooms to full houses. I've done much bigger projects in the past including hotels and commercial work and I'm open to most challenges. I often stay in touch and meet for a coffee every now and again for a catch up with my residential clients, which is what I love about my career. It doesn't feel like a job, more of a lifestyle of helping people with their homes!

Personal Design Consultation

I've found in the past that some clients would rather redecorate themselves and just need a little bit of guidance rather than a full design service. Changing a room can be a bit duanting for some people and so sitting down with an interior designer can help to give them a clearer path and a confidence boost to get started. My personal consultation lasts up to 2 hours to discuss ideas, colours, fabrics, desired changes in a space, budget and style to understand a bit more about how you want the space to feel. I will also take measurements to check on proportions and assist with anything more bespoke like curtains. During this time, my expertise is at your disposal so feel free to run through ideas and hear my suggestions to get as much value out of my professional knowledge as you can. After our discussion, I will create a suggestions document that includes links and products based on what we spoke about in our meeting. This is my entry level service and offers some flexibility for clients to decide for themselves how they want the space with some professional guidance and suggestions. You have the option to implement this on your own, or if you want further help from me, I can fully design the room and then continue working with you as a project coordinator. Alternatively if you just want me to order some of the more bespoke items on an Adhoc basis then that's also ok. All my services are flexible and can be tailored to suit a client or project. The example below is of a page from a recent consultation suggestions document.

Room Design

This service allows me to use my creative experience and expertise and design the space for you. Some clients would much rather just hand it to an experienced designer than plan it themselves when it's not their skill set! We will begin with an initial meeting to discuss the project brief, ideas, budget, and take measurements. After this meeting I will produce a quotation for the work based on our discussion. Once the quotation is accepted, I will create layouts and a style finder Pinterest board, along with a budget plan. We will discuss the Pinterest board to make sure that I’m understanding your style and likes correctly. Next, I will provide a 3D visual of the design, a quotation for all furniture and products along with samples. If any revisions are needed, I will make them based on your feedback. Finally, if required, I will proceed with creating technical drawings. The example below is of the 3D visuals I created for the Chobham en-suite & dressing room design. The client asked me to fully design their space and then project coordinate.

Project Coordination

Once the design is finalised, some clients don't want the hassle of trying to find the right people to implement the design. Making sure the installation of what's agreed is executed correctly and held to a high standard can be a job in itself. In this instance you can opt for me to project coordinate. For this, I will handle the task of arranging quotations and coordinating tradespeople involved in the project. Additionally, I will take care of ordering and arranging deliveries for all the necessary items. Throughout the process, I will make regular visits to check on the installations and monitor the progress to ensure everything is going smoothly. Below is a little video of the Chobham en-suite, which as I said, I was able to project coordinate for the client. It was quite a complex installation as the space was small and there wasn't a bathroom there before. However, after planning and discussing with a builder we finally got it installed. The client was very happy and it made the space much more practical by adding a bathroom upstairs.


I hope that's helped you understand the different options and processes that I go through as a designer. If you've not hired one before it can be a little daunting and so I aim to help anyone that feels a bit unsure about how it all works. I'm more than happy to answer any questions that you have so please do get in touch if you want a friendly chat. If you want to find out about pricing structures and budget suggestions then click the button below, fill in your details and I'll send you a guide.

Dawn xx

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